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February 13th, 2012

something about service of Android tablet

By espowelectronics - February 13th, 2012, 0:53, Category: General

Does an otterbox add a multi-user login system? Dedicated scanning triggers for high frequency barcode scanning? Let me know what App on your iPad reads 2D PDF barcodes rather than Android tablet...oh wait, their isn't one. But I'm sure the your otterbox will meet IP54 for when you have to use it out in the rain when you're a strapped to a telephone pole doing repairs in a storm. Oh wait, you mean you're just a blog jockey who sits at a desk all day? Motorola tablet pc Solutions leads the enterprise space for a reason...thats the reason you see every USPS, UPS, and FedEx driver carrying a Motorola device around - they're built to be destroyed and survive, which the retail world who is piloting iPads will quickly realize is a phase as soon as a year turns over and they have to replace every device that won't hold a charge. Sorry, but none of those types of apps nor the functionality built into them require this particular tablet to run them on. ;-) I guess you can count me as one of the ignorant with absoulutely no enterprise, IT, harsh conditions installation, warehouse floor, retail floor or mobile device experience that you must be attempting to address and flame with your comments on this pos